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About Troop 281
We are a close-knit group of Scouts and their families who enjoy many fun activities and community service projects throughout the year. Our focus is on fostering teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while working together in a fun and inclusive environment.

For more information on our Troop, please email GoldRiverTroop281@gmail.com or call 916.668.9281

Taking down flags on Tuesday

Posted on Jul 13 2024 - 9:39am

On Tuesday, we are going to take down the flags around Pioneer Village and return them. If you are able to bring a truck, please let me know. 

We may be able to meet on Tuesday

Posted on Jul 7 2024 - 9:29am

Some of the weather reports (as of Sunday) say it will be a nice cool 97 degrees on Tuesday. Let's try to meet. If anything changes, I'll let everyone know. Some reports say 101. Please keep an eye out for Mr. Soriano's note about holding a Board of Review. Anyone can participate.
On the 16th, we are going to take the flags down around Pioneer Village. Make sure y'all write down the service in your scoutbook.

No meeting tuesday

Posted on Jun 30 2024 - 11:43am

No meeting on Tuesday, they are saying it will be 100 degrees Celsius. Plus, it is 4th of July week, most of the scouts said they had things. We are looking to get everyone signed off for advancements and merit badges. Please let me know if you need anything. Also, please keep an ear out to do some Board of Reviews coming soon. Big Court of Honor coming on the fifth Tuesday of July!
I have some things to drop off at the locker and around the neighborhood on Tuesday. I'll text you if I have something of yours. No need to meet, mostly just little things from the trip or paperwork.

Thank you and Flags on Tuesday

Posted on Jun 23 2024 - 10:09am

Thank you to everyone, especially all the scouts, who did such a good job. What an adventure!
Tuesday is a great day to get some community service hours. We are putting up flags around Pioneer Village. Meet at GRDC at our normal time and we will go over together. I am hoping for enough people to do a least two groups.

Tuesday meetin

Posted on Jun 9 2024 - 9:15pm

It’s still early but as of Sunday night it looks like Tuesday is predicted to be over 100. We won’t do a lot of activities, but I would like to still meet. Please be sure to bring water. Also, parents please make sure you have your own water of something to drink. 

Some activities moved around this month

Posted on Jun 8 2024 - 3:48pm

We are going to meet at GRDC this Tuesday. Bring your bike, or if you need, I will bring my bike. We are going to talk about bicycle maintenance and riding in difficult terrain. 
Next week we may meet at a large hill to practice uphill climbing. I'll find a place and let people know.
The Pioneer Village association would like us to do flags on the 25th. It is easier with a couple of cars. If any parents can help out. Bring water. We'll meet at the park and drive to the village together.

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